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let go of fear & find your creative flow

Join artist, therapist, and author Jessica Young as she helps you find and nurture the artist within. Through a series of creative exercises and beautiful art projects, you will learn how to make stunning abstract art with confidence.

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Projects & exercises


Learn how to find your creative confidence and create art from the heart through intuitive painting techniques that encourage you to “go with the flow” as you explore the exciting fluid art mediums of alcohol ink and

fluid acrylic paint.

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meet jessica

Jessica Young, M.Ed, LMHC, is a contemporary artist specializing in abstract expression using fluid mediums and epoxy resin. Entirely self-taught, Jessica began painting professionally in 2017 as a way to balance her own mental wellness. Since then, her work and process have captivated millions on social media. Outside of art, Jessica is a licensed psychotherapist as well as a meditation guide, certified Reiki healer, and the founder of Healing Art Retreats.

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start your healing art journey


Learn how to let go of fear, face the inner critic, and create with confidence with this creative book that combines art instruction with therapeutic advice, journal prompts, and more.

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Learn to use alcohol ink and fluid acrylic paint

9 inspiring exercises to build your skills

10 beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions

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Jessica Young when you order Find Your Flow. Simply click the link above and follow the instructions!

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Find Your Flow: A Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking Creativity through Intuitive Fluid Art with Alcohol Ink & More is available everywhere books are sold!


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Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of healing, creativity, and art. I hope that as you work your way through this book, you will build your creative confidence, gently invite the inner critic to take residence elsewhere, and enjoy making intuitive paintings that are a reflection of your soul. Art has been a constant source of healing in my life and I hope it will be in yours as well.

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verified amazon reviews

This book is very high quality and beautiful from front to back cover. The pictures are gorgeous, the commentary from the artist is meaningful, and the instructions are easy to follow.”

“...a delightful exploration into the world of artistic expression.”

This book was more than an art book and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a connection to their art, looking to try art for the very first time, or anyone who wants to invest in their self and their own self worth...”

You can feel the thought and care that went into the whole book. It’s easy to page through piece by [piece] as it fits your needs, or go through it cover to cover in a structured journey.”

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